How to Avoid Being a Victim of Car Transport Fraud?

A lot of car transport services in Hyderabad are helping you to move your car to the desired destination at mutually agreed terms and conditions. car shifting services have humongous responsibilities and they also need to abide by the rules and regulations of the government. But not all car transport providers are trustworthy. Many unscrupulous car transport scammers are operating around the world, and unfortunately, they are targeting people who want to shift their vehicles. But you can avoid being a victim of car transport fraud by following some simple steps.

Whether you want to ship your car across the state or country, taking these steps will help you distinct legitimate companies from those fraudulent ones.

Inspect Personally:

Before handling your car to the transport company, closely monitor the interior and exterior conditions of the car. Note down all existing damage and take photos so that you can check it again once you receive your car. Check transporters’ policies thoroughly regarding how damage is to be reported and how will they reimburse you if you need to repair your car. Even many established companies can’t prevent every possible problem, so, check what are the things covered by your transport company.

Check License and Registration:

All car shifting services need to register with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). They also have a motor carrier number (MC#) and a USDOT number. Ask for all these credentials before making the final deal. You may use the FMCSA website to check yourself. If your selected company isn’t registered, then go for a legitimate company.

Check the Reviews:

Reviews play an imperative role when you search for a package and movers in Hyderabad. You can find reviews on Google and consumer advocacy sites. Read them carefully what previous customers said instead of counting the number of good or bad reviews. Stay away from those companies who have only positive reviews. You can also check a company’s BBB page where apart from the BBB rating, you will also see the complaints against the service and how they resolved these issues.

Direct Carriers:

This type of transport company offers the actual car transport service. They own a fleet of trucks and hire drivers and loaders. They take responsibility for your vehicle from start to finish. By using a direct carrier, you are limiting your liability to one company.

Know Your Driver:

Don’t give an auto transport company a deposit until you got the name of your driver along with the necessary contact information. If you don’t know who is taking care of your vehicle, the company may try to charge you more money to secure a spot on a transport truck. If you have the driver’s information, you can talk to him directly in case of an emergency.

Scrutinize Before Sign:

Once you have finalized the deal, check every detail of the contract thoroughly. Skimming and signing may lead you to give additional charges if your car is damaged during the time of delivery when you discover the company’s insurance won’t cover the costs. Don’t sign the document until every charge, exemption, limitation and potential liability is made clear. If there is any confusion, ask questions.

If you fall victim to an auto transport scam, you should get in touch with the Federal Trade Commission.

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